When the student is ready, the teacher will appear
— Buddha

Yoga is a personal practice.  Although it may not seem that way through a “vinyasa flow”, it truly is different for everyone. It’s about listening to your body in that moment. It is getting to know your strengths, your weaknesses and finding balance. It practices acceptance, compassion and moving towards what is true and real. It is the inward journey toward peace in your body, mind and spirit. Through the many different teachings of Yoga you find your own unique healing flow. 

Kara’s style of teaching has the ability to make you feel welcome, as you are, with whatever you may be working with on that day. She gently guides you to connect to body through breath and movement, and encourages you to take care of your Self. This beautiful ancient practice teaches you how to live with presence and love.

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Kara Rosenthal - Take Kara Yourself Yoga
Kara Rosenthal - Take Kara Yourself Yoga