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“Kara Rosenthal is a gifted teacher who weaves a thoughtfully balanced class that both flows, challenges, informs and inspires one to move into balance. She is thoroughly trained in many styles of yoga and has trained with many master teachers. Her style is a blend that takes the best of the teachings she embodies and offers it forward. I highly recommend Kara for yoga.” -Terra Gold, MTOM, L.Ac., Director of the Yoga and Healing Sciences Training Program at LMU and co-author of Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine

"While trying to recover from a serious injury, I decided to make yoga a routine part of my exercise program. I discovered Kara’s class about a year ago and it has been trans-formative. Kara creates a calming environment of peace in her class. She has taught me that yoga is a non-judgmental journey of the mind and the body. She teaches proper breathing which helps to quiet the mind while connecting with your body through poses. She shows us how to modify basic structure and poses so we can work around our body’s injuries and limitations. Every class is different, so I am always learning new things.  Kara is an outstanding teacher for any level yoga practice. I have seen incredible improvement in both my strength and flexibility as a result of her classes. Most importantly, she has taught me that arriving at my yoga mat means letting go and accepting and appreciating myself."  - Dana Arutian

“I really enjoy Kara's style of teaching because she has a very warm, welcoming, fun, calming and accepting personality. She makes you feel comfortable and gives you helpful ideas to think about which I appreciate such as remembering to enjoy the poses. She opens up space and encourages you to trust yourself and explore what your body needs on any given day. Kara is a wonderful person and I am grateful to have her in my life!” -Samantha Sennett

“Kara has a very loving touch and you could tell she really cares. She has intuitive knowledge on where to back off and where to dig deeper. Her gentle presence helps you open up and her rhythmic pressure helps you completely relax. I highly recommend her amazing massage to anyone.” -Bridget O’Neil

“Kara’s Thai massages are truly incredible. You wouldn’t think it with her petite looking hands but she is strong! She listens to you, even without words.. She has a remarkable ability to make you feel comfortable, holding the space if you need to cry and also if you want to laugh. She is a light spirit and her Thai massages are so soothing, everyone should gift themselves with one.” -Courtney Lemmon